Pricematik Review: How I Made $1,000 My First Month Dropshipping On eBay

Pricematik Review: The Ultimate eBay Listing & Repricing Software (and how I made $1,000/mo with them)

So in this updated article I will be reviewing what I believe is the best eBay dropshipping software out there: ebay listing software

Keep in mind that:

  1. I have tried 2 other eBay listing software’s and none have the same quality and depth of features as these two
  2. Pricematik takes its own approach to dropshipping on eBay (you’ll understand this later) and it’s your choice to what method you want to use to list items.
  3. Pricematik has some awesome founders who I have personally talked to and are certainly honest and kind individuals that only want the best for their students and customers.

…anyway, with that out of the way let’s now get into why starting an eBay business can be so profitable in 2017.

It Has Never Been Easier To Start A Dropshipping Business On eBay…

…If you are reading this then you have probably wanted to start a business at some point in the past year or two.

I was exactly like this but I had no idea what to do or where to go…

But let’s think here, if you’re reading this in the beginning of 2017 then there really is no faster way to make money online than selling ebay dropshipping software

EBay gets over 33 million visits a day (that is 33,000,000 visits!), is the 32nd most visited website in the world, and has the trust of being the largest site for auctions…

This means you don’t have to worry about getting people to see your listings; people are swarming to eBay daily already for items.


In-Depth Demonstration On Starting Your eBay Dropshipping Business Today*

*Three Things I Forgot To Mention:

  1. I forgot to mention using CashBack. This is crucial and gives you back 3%-11% of the item’s purchase price. I used when ordering my items
  2. I forgot to mention you have to list items manually before using a software like Pricematik. If you go all out with a software you will get your account marked as spamming. Take it slow and easy at first and keep it manual for at least 2 days…then grab Pricematik  and do what I say in the video
  3. You must keep margins at 10%-12% to get sales but don’t go too low or else the sales won’t be worth it

Note: I can make no guarantees on your earnings potential since I don’t know your work ethic. But if you work hard like I did you are highly likely to get the same results because of the sheer size of eBay and the tens of thousands of items you can sell. You must understand that anything you stick to and relentlessly work at will be successful.

As you can tell this stuff is pretty cool…

Pricematik Offers Good eBay Listing Templates and Solid Price Tracking On Listings

What I like about Pricematik is that you literally see exactly what your inventory is at all times…

…you can choose how often Pricematik updates your store’s stock against retailer stock and it visibly shows what items changed to what price.

This mean you always know the status of your store’s items and know exactly what to adjust to increase your sales.

dropshipping on ebay with Pricematik

Keywords are automatically generated, profit margin is automatically calculated, and the description is automatically copied to your listing which takes so much work off your hands…

Pricematik Also Protects Your eBay Store From Copyright Infringement

On top of all of the insight Pricematik dropshipping on ebay businessgives you on your inventory, it also ensures that you never list copyright items by warning you in advance of listing the item.

I have only had 1 listing removed from copyright in nearly 600 listings with Pricematik which is very good.

Getting too many listings removed for copyright can lead to your store being penalized or closed so this is a huge feature (as a dropshipper you list a lot so this is crucial to have since you are bound to stumble upon copyright material so you need a software that warns you).

Pricematik also lets you monitor the competition’s listings and “snipe” (list for yourself) their highest selling listings to give your own sales a spike.

(Read Enough? Start A 100% No-Risk Free 14-Day Trial of Pricematik Here)

And Since Pricematik Is So Simple and Easy To Use, There Is Absolutely…

  • NO more waiting for “the right business to start”…no bs ebay dropshipping business
  • NO guesswork on what to sell on eBay since you just list from trustable retailers…
  • NO wondering what is in stock or out of stock in your store…
  • NO more losing to your competitors since you can now compete prices with them…
  • And NO being lost and confused, you are clicks away from one of the most successful communities of dropshippers that are there to help each other in the Pricematik Facebook group (this was my favorite thing about Pricematik)

Pricematik Is The Answer To The Question “How Do I Make Money On eBay?”

The process to make money on eBay is now simple and straight forward:

Research best-sellers, list a ton of items, and profit…

…so there is no excuse to not start now

(Build A $1k-$5k/mo eBay Business With Pricematik Here)

Best of all your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

best ebay listing software satisfaction guaranteePricematik comes with a trial of the full feature suite and you can cancel at any time.

During my 14-Day free trial I got about 30 sales which equates to about $300-$500 in sheer profit.

If this is not impressive then I don’t know what is; with half those results you’ll have paid the software off in 2 weeks.

==> Take Bold Action and Learn How To Make An Extra $1,000 This Month With Pricematik

What Others Are Saying About Pricematik… 

“What I was most surprised about the Pricematik was how little time it took each day to manage my store. I got my first sale after 3 days of listing about 20 items a day. After that, it was just duplicating what I did to get those initial sales. Pricematik made it really easy to list items and compete with others’ prices. Thanks again.” – Stephen W  (Ontario, Canada)

“I was really skeptical about Pricematik since it was a little pricey at the start. It was difficult to get the hang of eBay and managing my store with Pricematik, but after 3 or 4 days it became effortless. Sales started coming in and I was so relieved. Pricematik paid for itself in 2 weeks and now I’m scaling my eBay business to $4,000 per month. It’s been a hard road but well worth it and Pricematik made it all possible” –Wayne (Kansas City, Missouri)

“I found Pricematik after using eBay for a while. I had never tried any software to list on eBay so I just went for it and I’ve never looked back. I can list 10x more quality items than I could alone and my eBay business has grown pretty fast. My favorite thing is the Facebook group full of dropshippers just like me. We are like a family in there all helping each other and I know I could never have been successful without the support Pricematik’s community gave me. I really recommend you check it out. –Att. Patrick

(Start A 14-Day Free Trial of Pricematik Right Here)

Final Verdict: Is Pricematik Worth It?

Answer: Yes!making money on ebay by starting an ebay dropshipping business

Bottom line:

It works fast (you don’t need to know anything about dropshipping on eBay. Just hop in and learn as you go)

It only takes 1-4 days to get your first sale…

If you don’t see the results you want you can cancel your trial no questions asked…

…AND it will save you hundreds of dollars you may have spent on other eBay softwares or spent grinding away solo at your store wasting precious hours on tasks that could’ve been automated.

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Now Is the Time To Start Towards Your Goals and Get Your Jumpstart Online In Business…

Because if you DON’T do anything today, you will always put off your goals another day:

Don’t be a dreamer, be an action taker!

(Build A Side Income Of $1k-$5k/mo On eBay with Pricematik)

Pricematik F.A.Q.

best ebay listing softwareQ: Where can I buy Pricematik?

A: You can start a free 14 day trial of the software here at the Pricematik site.

Q: How fast will I get my first sale with Pricematik?

A: You should get your first sale no later than a week after starting with Pricematik. I personally got a sale my first day when I used them and went on to profit $500 during my short paid trial since I listed a lot, BUT I worked my butt off so you’ll have those same results if you work hard too.

Q: I currently have an eBay store, can I import my listings into Pricematik?

A: Yes. Pricematik does allow you to import existing listings for price tracking so there is no worry about migrating software.

Q: What happens if Pricematik doesn’t work for me?

A: This is very unlikely, but you can cancel your 14-Day Free Trial at any time should you not see the results you want and you’ll get a full refund. I actually know the founders personally and they are great guys running an honest business.

33 thoughts on “Pricematik Review: How I Made $1,000 My First Month Dropshipping On eBay

  1. bephrem Post author

    Welcome to my site! If you have any questions feel free to comment here and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible!


    1. Mike

      Once somone buys your item, then you purchase the item you listed from the site, wouldnt the customer get somone elses distinctive box and shipping label? As well as invoice…invoice may be easier to avoid byt what about box and company name on label???

      1. bephrem Post author

        Never had a problem with this with Walmart after 250+ orders. Make sure you send the order as a gift to prevent an invoice from going through but even without this I’ve not had a problem

    1. bephrem Post author

      You don’t have to but I recommend it. What I did was I looked up the keywords in eBay and quickly saw what was ranking for that item and tried to work them in my item’s descriptions. Sometimes the supplier’s title is perfect and sometimes it sucks


  2. Curt

    Hello Ben, Do you price Item to just make your profit ,or to just beet trending price, or beet all competors price ??


    1. bephrem Post author

      You price it so that you keep your desired profit margin WHILE beating competitors. If both conditions can’t be met then I keep looking for more items (unless the item is a hot seller)


  3. Igor

    Hey Ben,

    I havent started dropshipping yet but I am wondering how soon PayPal allows one to use the funds to purchase an item from Walmart? Does it happen straightaway or would I need to wait? I dont have that much cash and I need to know how much is enough/practical to invest upfront if PayPal causes lags.

    My second question is about the number of items that you had to list to make around $1000 per month?

    Thanks !

    1. bephrem Post author

      Hey, so Paypal holds normally disappear after 1-3 months of good selling, but mine disappeared in month 1/2 (I don’t know why) so I could push through and sell a lot. To get to $1,000 per month….hmmm….it all depends, it takes about 5-10 best sellers to reach that amount and every 100 items you’ll have roughly 1-3 best sellers so 200-300 listings I think but that’s rough. Just keep listing and do this as a side thing until it builds up.

    1. bephrem Post author

      No, but you have to watch your listing limits doing anything bulk and make sure your margins are good. It’s all about experimenting

  4. Mike Patterson

    Hi. I like your video on dropshipping and I have been researching dropshipping before I start. My wife and I already have ebay accounts which we sell used items on for a couple years now. Dropshipping caught my eye because of the profit that can be made. Question. When someone purchases the dropshipping item from you on ebay, all you need to do is to place the order with walmart with all of the customers info? And is this legal?

    1. Mike Patterson

      To add on, since I already have a rating on ebay can I use pricematik immediately without being flagged? And how much quantity of each item should you list at a time?

      1. bephrem Post author

        List at least 2 quantity each time (so you can use promoted listings later…boosts sales like 30% if you set it to 2% eBay’s cut) and I’d list 1 or 2 items before going all out on Pricematik, then you’ll likely be ok

    2. bephrem Post author

      Yep, and yes it is 100% legal. The fact your accounts are aged is EXCELLENT because eBay and PayPal are jerks to new sellers (if you have sales on the account even better). If your listing limits are good you can scale to the moon but this is a very time intensive business, hence why it is cash-flow

  5. Taylor

    I am a college student who would like to make money fast but I do not have much to spend. $99 in my account and my car insurance is due in two weeks. How much will It cost me to get started? With little money is it still possible to profit in a short amount of time?

  6. Joy

    Can I have your email im interested but it’s my first time. And I’m using Samsung s7 edge do you think I can work from my smartphone or I have to buy a laptop. Thanks hoping to hear from you soon.

    1. bephrem Post author

      Haha, you’ll need a laptop certainly, it’s quite labor intensive sometimes and you need full mobility (pun intended) and the computer-ness that a laptop offers.

  7. Michael

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your videos and advice.
    Please explain, when you say sell bestsellers from Walmart on Ebay on margin 10-12% is it net margin or margin including all expenses which adds up to 20% in total? And one more thing why do we look for bestsellers on Walmart not on Ebay, as I thought if you sell on ebay, then should looke for best sellers on Ebay? Thank you

    1. bephrem Post author

      For returns you get the return shipping label from the supplier (remove any branding) and give it to the customer via message. Then they ship it back and you are refunded to whatever payment method you got the item from the supplier for.

  8. Tatiana C.

    Could you explain more on what you mean by this comment

    ((List at least 2 quantity each time (so you can use promoted listings later…boosts sales like 30% if you set it to 2% eBay’s cut) and I’d list 1 or 2 items before going all out on Pricematik, then you’ll likely be ok))

    I want to make sure I am listing correctly.

  9. Emmanuel

    Hello I made my first sale today on ebay using pricematik and i am a little confused if I have to have the item that i am listing with me or if I have to purchase it online from the manufacturer or retailer and then send it out to the recipient, If you could help me I would appreciate it since I have listed over 30 items and I don’t want my ebay account to get banned…so far I’m really excited using this software because it really works~! I am currently 17 years old and I am saving money to move out my parents house next year 🙂

    thank you for your time!

    1. bephrem Post author

      Haha, for one, don’t focus on the “moving out of your parents house” thing. Online business takes some time and don’t stress yourself with external goals because they only sap your energy. Also, way to take action! So you just order the item from Walmart (or whatever supplier you chose) and they send the item to the customer (you put the customer’s address in). Keep at it, I used to dropship but learned e-commerce wasn’t for me so just experiment around and find what works for you

  10. Rasool Horton

    Hi, how are you? I just set up my eBay business account and pricematik today I was wondering do you have a video on how to list from Walmart and do we need to set up an account with Walmart in order to drop ship products from that retailer? I just want to make sure I am doing this correctly without any mistakes in the beginning. I want to list tonight about two products asap. Lastly, should I do the 14 day trial or I can just start with what I got and then move from there in the future or I need to activate the 14 day trial in order to get a better experience and to make profits quickly. Oh! Before I forget do I need an eBay store or just the regular way of listing is sufficient for now?I hope to hear from you asap.

  11. jj

    Hi, everyone seem`s to be using Ebay. I want to know if this work as well with Amazon.
    Not fore preference but I allready open an account with them.

    1. bephrem Post author

      Amazon is even better since it is newer, I just started on eBay and know it best (getting into Azon now)

  12. Manny

    Hi, thank you for sharing all you experience on this. I’m starting my dropshipping journey and my sales are going up. My question is about the sales tax. How does it work? Do we need a resale certificate, a tax ID or something like that? Can you write something about it?

    Thank you

    1. bephrem Post author

      Awesome! for sales tax you just adjust your sales tax table on your eBay account and tick the thing that adds sales tax in Pricematik. ebay and pricematik have tutorials on each aspect

  13. geo

    Hi !

    I’m having problems trying to list, I have tried 3 items and all I keep getting

    The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

    Help pls ?


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